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Dave "Teacherman" Goldman is a high school English teacher and independent musician born and raised in Long Island, NY.  He started playing music in high school when his father brought home an old beat-up guitar.  Since that time he has ventured into the world of singer/songwriters, and honed his skills as a lead guitarist. He finds his influences in all genres of music from folk to reggae, but his roots lie in rock and blues. His first album, If I Knew Then was released in June of 2012.



Teacherman has just released his first single, "Sandy," which he wrote during Hurricane Sandy after a giant oak tree fell and the lights went out.  "I was one of the lucky ones," he said.  "So many still have not fully recovered from that disaster."  That is why Teacherman has decided to donate all proceeds from this single to Habitat for Humanity.  Proceeds will go directly towards helping victims of the storm continue to rebuild their homes and their lives.  Purchase the song here on iTunes or Amazon to join the movement.   



Teacherman's first album, If I Knew Then is an eclectic collection of songs that range in style and sound from rock and blues played with the band to more intimate acoustic tracks.  It features  Year of Nevada - singer/songwriter Julie Cain, bassist Dave Elman, and drummer Paul Yip.   One of the singles from the album, "Jessica" was recently featured along with an interview with Teacherman on 100.7, WHUD.  Check out the interview here:

If I Knew Then,  is available digitally on iTunes and  Amazon.  CD's are available through Amazon as well, and Teacherman's music is also available on iTunes Radio, Jango Internet Radio, Rhapsody, and Spotify.




Teacherman takes great pride in using his music to raise funds for important causes. During the month of April, 2013, he donated 100% of the proceeds from his album sales to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.   Read about it in the CBS News article here.


Recently Teacherman and Highly Effective played the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life to help raise additional funds for cancer research.


In November Teacherman was featured on 94.3 The Shark's "Uncharted" for independent musicians with CJ Ramone of the Ramones.  Listen to the podcast (episode 13) here.



Teacherman now plays with Moving Parts - drummer Paul Yip, guitarist Brian Murphy, and bassist Todd Tomeo.  Check out their website here.







Watch a performance from Brooklyn, NY.  

Teacherman would like to thank Dave Elman of Fretboard Music for mixing and mastering his first album, If I Knew Then.  Dave Elman also makes the best cup of coffee around.  

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